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Special Order Engagement Ring

Free Modefication

Our Special Order Program Helps You Craft Your Perfect Ring With Expert Guidance For Custom Modifications And Special Requests. Can be Custom made For Any Stone, Shape or Size

Do not Buy Retail

We can Collaborate Closely With You. If We Work One on One, You Can Get Something Much More Personalized , Of Higher Quality, And Better Price. You Can Create The Piece Of Jewelry You Always Envisioned.

Send Your Ideas

Send Your Ideas, any conception existing in your mind or any images. I will try to create your imagination in my program. I will sent you cad images. When you want some changes I will do it. When you like it and agree to go. Next step I will follow to finish the ring.

Process Creating The Ring


Change The heads

Two Tone Rings


For Our Gide

Jewelry Language

Jewelry Language

Diamond Shapes

A Chemically Pure and Structurally Perfect Diamond has no Hue, Like a Drop of Pure Water, and Consequently a Higher Value. Many of This diamond Color Distinctions are so Subtle that They are Invisible to the Untrained Eye; However, This distinctions Make a Very Difference in Diamond Quality and Price. 

FL-Flawless-no Inclusions and no Blemishes visible Under 10X Magnifications. VS1 and VS2- Very Slightly Included. Inclusion are Observed with Effort Under 10X Magnifications, But Can be Characterized as Miner.
Diamond Carat Weight Measures a Diamonds Apparent size. Diamond Carat Weight is the Measurement of How Much a Diamond Weigh. A Metric “Carat” is Defined 200 Milligrams or 0.2 Grams.

Free Shipping

WE Offer Free secure Shipping on Every U.S. Order

2-3 Weeks for Delivery

Product Warranty

We Stand Behind The Quality Of Our Products. It May be Returned or Exchange Within 15 Days. We Will Charge Only $200 Gold Item and $50 for Silver. And We Will Charge For Damage and Lose Diamonds.The Item Must be Returned in The same Condition.Kindly note that your purchase will only be accepted for return if it is in original condition with original packaging and absolutely no signs of wear. Modified Item Can not be Returned.Due to the intensive labor involved in custom design jewelry and the cost of materials, no refunds will be issued for any custom design work under any circumstance. The contract must be fulfilled by both parties, which means that Gagi Design will produce your jewelry according to the agreed-upon written specifications, and you must pay the full balance as agreed.

For an Accurate Measurement

For an Accurate Measurement Utilize The Provided Ruler in Centimeter To see the Size of the Bloom Width and Band Width. On the Right side Picture is Written the Bloom Width and Band Width.


Images Appears Larger Than Real  Life To Show Detail.

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